Using JuryPad


easy to learn, easy to use

Using JuryPad

We have designed JuryPad, the most popular jury selection app for the iPad, to be easy to learn and to use without memorizing a complicated set of instructions. The best way to learn how to use JuryPad is to explore it on your iPad using the sample case included with the app. If you need more help, or if you are just want to learn more about JuryPad, then the following videos will show you all of JuryPad’s features and how to use the app for your next jury trial.

JuryPad’s Features (Promotional Video)


Adding Trials


Editing Trials & Adjusting App Settings


Getting Help


Look for more video tutorials coming soon!



Brilliant! The ability to easily manage this much juror data in such a simple format makes this app a must-have for trial attorneys. Very well laid out, stable and logical design combined with metrics that allow anyone to handle complex information very efficiently. 5 Stars. Well done!

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